A [now] 2 Z [wow]

After 25 years’ service in areas of financial planning, and
my selfless contributions towards a number of guilds & associations,
I felt a dire need to establish a business entity to complement my business endeavors. It is on this premise that I have founded
[A2Z]Strategic Partner and [A2Z]Charity Organisation.

In this regard, we have designed the

Business Strategic Forum

A platform that provides business networking and matching for
the present day entrepreneurs. Accordingly, we shall officially launch
the said Forum on
6th September 2011 at 2:30 pm
in Impiana Hotel IPOH


For entrepreneurs who are holders of our VIP PA ie.
PA’s of RM 1 million or RM 500,000 cover, shall be our
guests of honour for the [iChange] Business Strategic Forum.
We also look forward to participations in the opening ceremony or
other strategic means to support our event.

In summary, participants in our Forum will reap the following benefits:


a. Sharing the success stories of entrepreneurs in different business sectors,

b. Achieving break-through in business dead-locks,
c. Beginners will certainly improve their business acumen and skills.



Together, we will reciprocate each other in learning, interacting, encouraging, exchanging experience and so forth in our daily endeavors.

 Incidentally, I also wish to express my sincere gratitude towards:
MRCA and President of MRCA Dato’ Tay Sim Kim and
PUMM President Dato’ Aric Ng Wai Seng for your confidence
and support in becoming our Strategic Partners.

I also wish to thank our supporting organizations and friends
from the media and media publishers.

Last but not least, our main sponsor, ING Insurance
who has contributed towards our successful launch today. I must extend my utmost gratitude and thanks to YAB Menteri Besar of Perak
who is here to grace our event as well.



Business Strategic Forum


Looks Forward To Meeting You!